Heels-of-Steel-Front-Cover-smallHeels of Steel tracks the trials and tribulations of “the most networked woman in the City” (Evening Standard); a woman who started in the City at just 15 and worked her way up to C-suite. Having achieved everything she thought she’d ever wanted, Vanessa Vallely quickly learnt that success often comes at a great deal of personal cost and compromise.

The book provides transparent insight into the world of corporate women, addresses the challenges facing every ambitious person throughout their career journey and tackles our never-ending search for balance. Packed with tips, advice and practical steps based on real life experiences, this autobiographical story is also a practical guide that will fast become a must-read for anyone seeking to not only survive the corporate jungle, but stand some chance of thriving in it!


This book is individually signed by the author!

Recent Reviews

A truly inspirational book, Vanessa’s story is amazing, I couldn’t put the book down. Vanessa provides some excellent advice. I took lots of notes and immediately sat down and refreshed my action plan. I would recommend this book to all women looking to progress in their career. – K McCormack

Vanessa Vallely is a truly inspiring woman. This book reveals the challenges and triumphs that shaped her, and contains a lot of wisdom for young women making their way to the top. – J Lutterodt

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